《The Night of Sodom》

The Night of Sodom takes its inspiration from Marquis de Sade’s novel The 120 Days of Sodom. Instead of reenacting the scenes in the novel, the exhibition uses the events of a fictional murder as a narrative frame to reconsider ‘contemporaneity’. A dynamic installation and new media performance echo and intensify the exhibition theme, constructing a large-scale, multidisciplinary work that deals with the plight of civilization and sublimation of death.

Unmanned Technological Media Theatre Project 《SIN CITY》

The work brings together talented individuals from the domains of theatre, visual, image, mechanical, installation, and sound art.

TranSonic 2013 Sound Performance

Organized by Taipei National University of the Arts and Center for Art and Technology, TranSonic 2013, the annual series of sound art performances, echoes the theme of TechArt Renaissance – A Retrospective of Art and Technology at TNUA. For 2013, the performance will focus on creation, legacy, and external association as its main axis.

TechArt Renaissance – A Retrospective of Art and Technology at TNUA

To take a look back at the development process of Art and Technology in the early Period. We would also like to display artists’ original artworks and their historical records, in addition to reviewing and tracing back their past exhibitions.

TranSonic 2012 Sound Performance

Executed by Center for Art and Technology (Taipei National University of the Arts), TranSonic 2012 invited international artists to perform live. These artists utilize sound as main element but goes beyond the limitations of sound, integrating sound, visuals, interactive device, music instruments and installation. These cross-over of sound art performance are innovative experimentations, breaking through the aesthetics of sound art.

Transjourney – 2012 Future Media Festival

Taiwan first Future Media Festival will open in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts on the first day of 2012. Due to the Taiwan vigorous development in new media technology in recent years, a trend of integrating art with new media was formed in the art world.

TranSonic 2011 Sound Performance

TranSonic Sound Art Performance produced by Center for Art and Technology has became Taiwan most significant sound art event since its establishment in 2008. TranSonic 2011 will invite various sound artist from Taiwan and abroad, presenting cross-disciplinary sound performances integrating sound, visuals, interactive controller, sensor, musical instruments and installation. It will bring the audience to a sensual experience like never before.

TranSonic 2010 Sound Performance

TranSonic is Taiwan leading sound art performance event. It goes beyond the limitation of sound, trying to integrate different medium and different forms. This time, using a theatre space, laser light installation, self-made fluorescent light musical instrument, sound installation, audio-visual, programming software and various possibilities on sound performance, TranSonic 2011 will present a sensory experience like never before.

TranSonic 2009 Sound Performance

The theme of TranSonic 2009 is sound, visuals and space. The two dimensional screen will be deconstruct and placed in space, restructure new visual space and dimension, and furthermore to spark more imagination and sensory space with sound elements. Besides audio-visual performance, there will be performances in various forms crossing over diverse medium such as self-made musical instrument, body sensor, air compressor sound installation, light installation etc.

TranSonic 2008 Sound Performance

Going beyond your impression on sound, explore more possibilities of sound, going beyond different media, as well as integrating sound with live visuals, light tube installation, kinetic, game machine, laser light and many more, stimulating clashes of diverse media, motivating more imaginations. Artist participated in TranSonic 2008 include 12 dog Cycle, Joe Colley, Yannick Dauby, Chung-Kun Wang, Fujui Wang, Chuang-Han Yao, Yung-Ta Chang, Rex Chen, Cybernetic Brothers, Hsin-Yuan Tsai.

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