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2019 KuanDu Light Art Festival《Moving Me Badly》

Integrating new media arts installation and transmedia performance, Moving Me Badly triggers bodily senses of the audiences through light. It is an attempt to open up a new kind of transdisciplinary art action.

《The Night of Sodom》

The Night of Sodom takes its inspiration from Marquis de Sade’s novel The 120 Days of Sodom. Instead of reenacting the scenes in the novel, the exhibition uses the events of a fictional murder as a narrative frame to reconsider ‘contemporaneity’. A dynamic installation and new media performance echo and intensify the exhibition theme, constructing a large-scale, multidisciplinary work that deals with the plight of civilization and sublimation of death.


“Linking LAB”, the creative team was composed of the CAT’s own labs and other professional laboratories in different disciplines. “The Kids’ Night of Sodom” is a 2-year interdisciplinary experimental project. The project is based on the book The 120 Days of Sodom, by a French writer Marquis de Sade. The story is a fictitious murder case at a children playground. This year is focusing on the pre-experimental results.

《Sin City 00:00:00:00》

“Sin City 00:00:00:00”, the project is produced by Center for Arts and Technology, “Sin City 00:00:00:00” is a video installation project created in parallel with the Unmanned Technological Media Theatre. The installation consists of a dual-channel synchronous video projection and three handmade models.

SIN CITY: No-man Technological Theatre Project

The work brings together talented individuals from the domains of theatre, visual, image, mechanical, installation, and sound art.

TranSonic 2013

TranSonic 2013, the annual series of sound art performances, echoes the theme of TechArt Renaissance – A Retrospective of Art and Technology at TNUA. For 2013, the performance will focus on creation, legacy, and external association as its main axis. It invites six artists who are highly representative of Taiwan’s development in the fields of sound art to conduct a performance that spans generations. Furthermore, it will serve as the opening prologue for TechArt Renaissance – A Retrospective of Art and Technology at TNUA.

TechArt Renaissance – A Retrospective of Art and Technology at TNUA

To take a look back at the development process of Art and Technology in the early Period. We would also like to display artists’ original artworks and their historical records, in addition to reviewing and tracing back their past exhibitions.

[Performance]【Crush On EMU】Closing Performance

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[Performance] Sound Performance: ui_beta

We’ve always seen the final results of a performer, everything is perfect. When we see the hidden interface behind the visuals and the construction process, how do we interpret if the way of seeing is changed? Listen and watch carefully how signals and information of every frame, sound of every unit, generates in front of your eyes.

《Duali》Sound Art Performance Lecture

Suguru Goto is a composer, performer, inventor and new media artist. He is known as one of the most innovative Japanese artist in the world. His performances integrated new interactive technology and is highly experimental. He invented virtual music instruments, developing interfaces to communicate computer and body movement, and utilize virtual music instrument to control sound and visual images during performance.


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