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[Event] Unmanned Technological Media Theatre Project 《SIN CITY》


“SIN CITY” is a technological media transdisciplinary creative project executed by the Center for Art and Technology (CAT) at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), and co-created by renowned new media artist Jun-Jieh Wang and the transdisciplinary hybrid group Luxury Logico.
The work brings together talented individuals from the domains of theatre, visual, image, mechanical, installation, and sound art. The agitation and fusion of these divergent aesthetics and philosophies combine to produce a new artistic endeavor that is highly experimental and creative. 
In addition to the rigors of aesthetic considerations and creativity, the Unmanned Technological Media Theatre Project is also based on a foundation rooted in Taiwan. The project brings together exceptional teams and creative talent to seek out new discourses and possibilities with which to narrate and approach our experience.
• This work has been invited to perform at the Ministry of Culture “2013 Digital     Performing Arts Festival” in Taiwan. 
• Premiere: “2013 Digital Performing Arts Festival”, October 24-27, 2013
• Venue: Multi Showcase Hall, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan.














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