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[Event] 2019 KuanDu Light Art Festival《Moving Me Badly》

2019  KuanDu Light Art Festival

壞運動 Moving Me Badly
Transmedia Theater + New Media Installation 
Integrating new media arts installation and transmedia performance, Moving Me Badly triggers bodily senses of the audiences through light. It is an attempt to open up a new kind of transdisciplinary art action.  Reflecting current conditions of the TNUA’s swimming pool, where the physical infrastructure is damaged and temporarily closed down, while the original sport function is also being released. Moving Me Badly hinted on multiple facets of the term “Bad” and furthermore allows the transformation of “bad space and structure” into the key for loosening and opening up the borders of system. It is also a contact zone where different elements such as new media arts, smog, laser, visual images, sound, wearable device and dance encounter, gather, overlap, confront, converse and integrate. Moving Me Badly is also a call to ghosts of sport punishment and war mobilization history hidden inside the “bad” or damaged space. And eventually turning into crucial forces of transforming the swimming pool into rebirth opportunity of living things, reflecting on the ambiguous reality that ponders between the past and the present, the everyday and the magical. 
Performance Date ∣ 2019.11.08 (Fri)、11.09 (Sat)、11.10 (Sun)  19:30
Exhibition  ∣ 2019.11.13 (Wed) —11.21 (Thu) 15:00—20:30
Venue  ∣ Swimming Pool, Taipei National University of the Arts
Ticketing Info ∣ Arts Ticket
Ticket Price ∣ NTD 600 / 20% Dicount for student (please show student ID upon entry)
Exhibition Entry ∣ Free 
Contact ∣ 02-28961000 #3144
Artistic Director ∣ Jun-Jieh Wang
Production Coordinator ∣ Ya-Fang Lin
Program Coordinator ∣ Sow Yee Au
Technical Coordinator ∣ Yu Hsiung Huang
Theatre Technical Coordinator ∣ Yu-Quan Lin
Stage Manager ∣ Cheng Hua Chen
Program Advisors ∣ Jia-Ming Day, Hsiao Mei Ho, Ying Hsun Wang, Der-Lor Way, Xiao-Xiong Zhang,  
Installation Works Advisors ∣ Huei-Ming Chang, Yung-Ta Chang, Chun-Chi Lin, Shu-Yu Lin 
Lighting Design ∣ Yen-Ku Ou
Sound Design ∣ Lien-Cheng Wang
Visual Design ∣ Huei-Ming Chang
Smoke Design ∣ Shu-Yu Lin
Laser Design ∣ aka_chang
Air Installation Design ∣ Yung-Ta Chang
Acoustic Design ∣ Joe Wang
Graphic Design ∣ Shi-Min Chiu
Choreographer ∣ Kuo-Wei Chang, Yalan Lin, Nai-Hsuan (Sunny) Yang
DJ  ∣ Yen-Tzu Chang, PrintedNoise Lab, Yun-Fang Tseng, Chung-Han Yao 
Production Assistants ∣ Yu-Han Chang, Chu-Hsun Hsieh, Zi Ping Tian, Ting-Yi Wu
Official Support ∣ Ministry of Education
Organizers ∣ TNUA Department of New Media Art, Center for Arts and Technology
Co-organizer ∣ TNUA Department of Dance
Sponsors ∣ Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Govenment, Sander Electronics Company Inc.





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