Future directions

In terms of the overall research and development of this center, it aims at systematically and comprehensively outlining the future development of Taiwanese technological art in the areas of research and development, artistic creation, education and dissemination by applying the concepts of “organic integration” and “innovative management”. With the existing pool of artistic and creative talent, environment and facilities of the TNUA as our backbone, we will bring in resources from the industry and collaborate with international academic and research institutions to create an educational and learning environment that combines the ideas of the humanities, art, technology and the future, and a diverse platform that integrates different resources and establishes international connections. The overall development approaches of the center are as follows: 


1.The government, the educational and research institute and private enterprises should work together to create a diverse platform that features educational services at the front, a research organization in the middle and the industry at the rear.


2.To plan and build a space that embodies the concepts of “organic integration” and “innovative management” and functions as an exhibition space, research and development lab and education and outreach activity center. 


3.Based on the works, exhibitions and performances as well as research of the six schools of the TNUA, we want to develop new forms of art that transcend form and boundaries and set future trends of art and aesthetics.


4.With art as its core and technology as its tool, we will set up a laboratory for technological development by combining resources to promote innovation and create innovative methods of presentation and application.


5.To improve the environment of Taiwanese art and technology research and education, in order to train interdisciplinary talent in art and technology with cultural understanding, innovative thinking and the ability of working in the industry.







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