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《In the Talking Forest》2012 



Wei-Hao Tseng

Sound Installation


In this work, the artist wants to convey his vision of a kind of interactive sound landscape. In an environment, every conversation, every sound has its own special frequency. In interpersonal dialogues or in interactions between humans and their environment, these distinctive frequencies of sound pass through us. Therefore, the artist wanted to create something that allowed the human body to perceive this penetrating sound via an audio-visual experience. The black areas in the work are from some conversations and frequency plots Wei-hao TSENG captured from recordings of the natural environment. When these patterns were turned over to stand vertically, the artist felt that they strongly resembled trees. Therefore, he wanted to use this visual form to create a type of interactive sound with a tactile interface that would allow the audience to experience what it is like to be penetrated by sound. It would be just like going into a forest made out of the sounds of speech.




《eBar – Macrocosm in the Microcosm》2007 



FBI Lab., Taipei National University of the Arts

Xiaoniu Su-Chu Hsu • Jiun-Shian Lin

Yu-Hsiung Huang • Yi-Wei Chia

Multiple Media / Interactive installation


In “The Inconceivable Liberation” of the Vimalakirti Sutra, it is written that “Mount Sumeru contains a mustard seed; a mustard seed contains Mount Sumeru.”The life that is on Mount Sumeru is also contained in the tiny mustard seed. Intuitively, the receptacle on the table represents a small, limited amount of space. Moving images of numerous organisms are projected onto objects that can physically be contained within this receptacle. These overtly digitized video images represent the infinite life present in the Mount Sumeru that is the cups and saucers.





《Flowing Pride Ⅱ》2009 



Chih-Chien Chen

Video Installation Art


In his previous work Flowing Pride, the artist uses the drifting images of the city by cutting up the images filmed over a period of time and pasting them together in the form of concentric circles, in order to convey a confused sense of time and space. 
In Flowing Pride II, he develops an even purer form of the contemplation of time, representing a fragment of neglected time in the city. The work features an abandoned rooftop, showing the passage of time while a piece of canvas is entangled in an antenna.




《Sound Dot》2010 



Fu-Jui Wang

Sound Installation


The work Sound Dot features several hundred loudspeakers. Through computer calculation, each speaker produces a different audio frequency, so that the space seems to reverberate with the sounds of hundreds of channels. Through several hundred dot-like speakers, numerous high-speed sound dots fly around, taking viewers to a transcendental state of flowing consciousness.





《TranSonic 2012》2012 



Trans-Sonic Lab., Center for Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts

Sound Art Performance


First presented in 2008, TranSonic is a sound art performance produced by the Trans-Sonic Lab. Showcasing sound creation as its main program, it reaches beyond the boundary of sound, and attempts to combine diverse media, including sound and light, images, interactive control, sensors, instruments and installations in an interdisciplinary sound performance. It has become Taiwan’s forerunner and leader in cutting-edge sound art events.





《Twist to Bloom》2009 



Tangible Interface Lab., Center for Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts

Interactive Installation


This project draws on the T’ai Chi movements. Incorporating three types of sensors for pressure, heartbeats and acceleration in motions, the computer is then able to interpret and visualize the slow and sustained flow of movements in the hand and waist, typical of T’ai Chi. Developed in collaboration with sports equipment suppliers, this intelligent device will be a guide for correct and effective exercise and physiotherapy.





《The Night of Sodom》2015 



Linking LAB

Taipei National University of the Arts:

Trans-Disciplinary Media Lab• Stage Machine LabUltra-Communication Vision Lab

National Central University:

Multimedia Information Networking Lab

Artistic Director : Jun-Jieh Wang

Transdisciplinary Media Installation


The Night of Sodom takes its inspiration from Marquis de Sade’s novel The 120 Days of Sodom. Instead of reenacting the scenes in the novel, the exhibition uses the events of a fictional murder as a narrative frame to reconsider ‘contemporaneity’. A dynamic installation and new media performance echo and intensify the exhibition theme, constructing a large-scale, multidisciplinary work that deals with the plight of civilization and sublimation of death.

The performance component of the exhibition revolves around the murder of a teenager, and is divided into five sections:The Universe of Things, Homicidal Maniac, Depression, Gross Anatomy, and apparition. The intention is to identify elements, much like Sade did eroticism, perversion, and cruelty, and deploy them in various configuration with regard to position or action. The artwork is computer automated, interactive, and relates ambiguous situations, fissures and disturbances in contemporary life to video, mechanical movements, body detection devices, and lasers in a symbolic manner. The theme for the installation component of the exhibition is titled Depression/Teenager. Feathers float in the center of the installation, which are surrounded by two dimensional artworks on the venue’s four walls. Organized using an encyclopedic concept, different elements corresponding to words comes together to form these images, and build relationships between the exhibition themes.








Center for Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts

Artistic Director : Jun-Jieh Wang

Co-Creator : LuxuryLogico

Unmanned Technological Media Theatre


Non Human Theatre is a live performance created by combining and manipulating mechanical power, installations and images in place of human actors, in an attempt to break the habitual focus on actors, performances in a typical theatre experience to create a brand new audience experience.SIN CITY counts down the 24 hours before Earth ultimately destructs from an over proliferation of information, and tells the story of the crossover and pursuit between four characters.





 《In Van Gogh's Eyes》2008 



Keh-Nan Liao

Mixed Media


While photographing night sky atop the Taipei 101, the artist noticed that the composition of the photograph was reminiscent of that in Vincent Willem van Gogh’s masterpiece, The Starry Night. Here, the photograph is projected onto canvas. When viewers wave their hands across the projection, computerized applications will create swirling effects that mimic Van Gogh’s brush strokes.





 《Illusory Reflections》2004 



Der-Lor Way • Goang-Ming Yuan

Zong-Han Wu • Hong Sun

Interactive Virtual Reality Installation


This work was inspired by the classical Chinese novel Flowers in the Mirror, a tale of a hundred flower sprites who were banished into the mortal realm. A three dimensional space is created here using virtual reality technology. What can be seen is not necessarily present. Like the flowers in a mirror, or the moon reflected on water, visions appear in front of the eyes, but cannot be touched – creating an environment of ethereality and elusiveness.








Shu-Yu Lin

Kinetic Installation


The pursue and development of technological as well as digital art work was unconsciously being restricted, or consciously not being restricted. These kinds of art works struggled between the above mentioned situations and tried to achieve balance within. We get accustomed to the explorations of new medium and new technology through repeated usage, but we could also get lost easily. The creation of a work includes life context, universal value, environment and atmosphere of a society. Those vague but crucial influences could be aware of, chosen or even refused, received and imitated passively, hence deriving a kind of restriction, as if ritual.




Imprint of City_Taipei》2018



Yen-Tzu Chang

Mixed Media


Imprinted words on rocks have always been one of the many ways to retain memories in ancient times. Rock bears the responsibility to record, and the task to deliver messages. The artist attempts to transform urban sounds into storages of maps and tactual sensations. She collected and remixed sounds from different areas in Taipei, documented recording venues and “sketched” urban soundscapes through traces of realistic sounds. When viewer touches the texture of the rocks, sceneries of sound constructed by auditory sense will be revealed through invisible streets and paths, triggered by the viewer’s touch. In Imprint of City, the rock is not only a symbol of documenting sound, but also an interface for viewers in search and listen to sound composition.





《Explore – Along the River During the Ch'ing-ming Festival》2005 



FBI Lab., Taipei National University of the Arts

Xiaoniu Su-Chu Hsu • Hsiu-Hui Chen • Chang-Tse Wu

Ying-Chung Chen • Yu-Hsiung Huang

Zhong-Chen Chen • Chih-Wei Tsai

Tzuen- Hung Tsai • BiBi Lin•  Ya-Lun Tao

Interactive Image Installation


Masterpiece Discovery was developed in 2004 under the directives outlined in the National Science Council’s “Cultural Content, Creativity and Value Added Application Project”, as implemented by the National Taipei University of the Arts. Using the Qing Dynasty version of Along the River During the Ching-ming Festival as its subject, the work designates twenty interactive themes within the painting for which 2D and 3D animation or video has been designed.  As viewers approach the projection table and touch the objects in the painting, the system will display the corresponding digital images supplemented by concise textual explanations through the application of interactive touch screen technology and image fusion techniques.





《Fog Building》2011



Shuai-Cheng Pu

Mixed Media


The concept for this work came from the city where the artist lives. The surrounding environment has been converted into vector animation, and projected on to misty water vapor. The artist redefine the mist-filled space using lines, points and images. The 3D movies currently in vogue create the illusion of three dimensionality using principles of parallel vision, whereas this work uses two dimensional animation to create a tangible third dimension that can be perceived by the naked eye, breaking the boundaries between reality and imagination.


































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