History and objectives

The age of the integration of art and technology has arrived and it has become an important trend for contemporary culture. In keeping with this global trend, the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) set up the first Research Center for Technological Art in Taiwan in 1992. In order to expand the scope of its research and development, it was renamed the Center for Art and Technology in 2006. It plays a major role in developing and integrating the fields of art and technology in Taiwan and establishing links with international institutions.


In addition to actively promoting the advanced research and application of digital technology in the art field in Taiwan, the main objectives are to support technological art exhibitions and events, establish links with other platforms and promote the research and creation of Taiwanese technological art. As an important feature of the TNUA, this center attempts to promote the comprehensive interdisciplinary development of the merging of art and technology and create new possibilities for a “future art”.






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