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[Workshop] 《Body and Matter》Science / Performance Workshop

Future Media Project


Body and Matter

Science  Performance Workshop


Since her residency at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 2016, Wen-Chi Su had been rethinking the relation between body and matter. We tend to treat the same matter as if we imagine ourselves in different world. In a variation of knowledge systems, artist understand the world through sensual experience, however, will scientific fact changes perception on his or her environment? This workshop invites student to YiLab’s creative lab. Using human as proportional scale, body as departure point, this workshop continues YiLab’s aesthetic form and context in new media and performing arts, tracing the front end of high technology questioning the matter of confronting the galaxy, through collection and application of theories and practices.


Wen-Chi Su

A choreographer, new media artist and the founder of YiLab.  

Combining the concepts and forms of new media and performing arts, she attempts to rethink the possibilities of performing arts from the perspective of new media, extending the controversy and reflection of contemporary art in the face of the impact of digital technology. She has been actively interacted and cooperated with local and international art world through workshops, seminars, talks and performances. She is the artist-in-residence in the National Theater & Concert Hall in Taipei 2017, Arts@CERN at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in NY. As one of Taiwan’s iconic figures in this field, SU won the Jury’s Special Award in the 9th Taishin Arts Award and Alternative Design Gold Award in the 2017 World Stage Design Award.


2017.5.6(Sat.) – 7(Sun.) 10:00 ~ 17:30

R101, Research Building, Taipei National University of the Arts



Day.1 – 05.06(Sat.)

Day.2 – 05.07 (Sun.)


Introduction to creative lab

Practice on Technology and Dance  PART I

Body and Matter/Dualism of Particle and Wave

Anticipation and Misunderstanding: Scientific Facts and Our Imagination




Introducing Science and Dance

Practice on Technology and Dance PART II

Group Discussion: Shared Vocabulary

Group Creation and Presentation


Prospective participants: Participants who are interested in continuing creative process of new media and performing arts through body.


Requirements: Selected participants must attend the entire workshop, and bring your own laptop and mobile phone.


Application: Free of Charge, registration through e-mail, limited to 15 participants, please download the application form and e-mail to stanfox.liao@gmail.com


Application Deadline: 12:00pm, 18th April (Tue.)

Contact: 02-28938137 Mr. Liao



1. Full attendance is mandatory. For participants who are absent without prior notice, they will not be eligible to apply for future programs organized by CAT.

2. Please accurately fill in the application form. If there are any missing information, CAT will foresee the application as the participant’s renouncement.

3. Application results will be announced on 21st April. For successful applicants please bring the notification letter and register on 6th May before 9:50am. Late participants without prior notice will be disqualified from the course.

4. Please prepare your own lunch. Lunch box booking service is available upon registration, the cost will be NTD80 per meal.

5. For those who drive, please take a parking coin when entering the campus, in exchange of parking discount.

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