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《Film Implosion: Congruence and Crossroad of Experimental and Documentary Film》 Talks and Documentary Screening

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[Talks and Documentary Screenings]
Film Implosion: Congruence and Crossroad of Experimental and Documentary Film
There is a double signification for Film Implosion: Congruence and Crossroad of Experimental and Documentary Film. First it refers to the dematerialization. This is the core of Esperanza Collado artistic practices, an experimental film artist from Spain. Secondly it refers to the psycho-reflection of the content and context of documentary film. Turning 18, a documentary by Taiwanese filmmaker Ho Chao-Ti, is a portrait on the inner tension of teenagers and the marginal. This series of talks and documentary screenings touch on the implosive situation of both experimental and documentary film. It will then open up thinking and discussions from different dimensions, from the physical materiality of film to non-physical appearance of media.  
For a Cinema beyond the Screen: Expansions and Contractions of the Film Apparatus
With the advent of the new millennium, the moving-image experiences a radical migration from the dark theatre to the white cube. Moved by a series of triggering phenomena, such as the digital revolution, the dematerialization of the art object and the performative turn of the arts, cinema reconfigures itself in a double movement of contraction and expansion. Throughout this talk, we will examine a lineage of works that both history of art and film history have been neglecting often due to their radicality. In addition, we will situate the central preoccupations of contemporary performative cinema and, on the other hand, we will offer an exploration of the medium’s philosophical vocation, one that is dissociated from its bodily apparatus but that establishes cinema as an abstract and a-disciplinary power.
Time: 2020.05.14 (Thu) 13:30—15:30
Venue: C403 Academic Building 
Speaker: Esperanza Collado
Esperanza Collado is a Spanish artist-researcher. Her performance-environments, site-specific works and critical writings investigate the dematerialization of film in art practices, the performative turn of the arts and the figure of the artist as metahistorian. She co-founded the Experimental Film Club in Dublin (Ireland) and the record label LEVE, which has released 8 site-specific editions of field recordings made by invited artists on 45rpm vinyl. Her book ‘Paracinema: la desmaterialización del cine en las prácticas artísticas’ (‘Paracinema: the dematerialisation of film in artistic practices’) received the Spanish Writings on Art Prize in 2011. She lectures at the Fine Arts College in Cuenca and is currently on a Taiwan Fellowship researching expanded cinema in East Asia.
Documentary Screenings and Talk
Turning 18 (Documentary Film, 87 mins)
In Taiwanese/Chinese society, home is a place from which they seek warmth and support. But for Hui-chen, it is a place full of painful memories. Only when she escapes from her family will she get her own life back.
After turning 18, Hui-chen has to make a choice. Born in a broken indigenous family, she has been searching for an ideal home. Should she leave home? Will she be able to do that even if she decides to? Young girls who run away from home are still stigmatized in our society, and they are expected to return to their families. Nonetheless, when the only thing their families give them is endless harm, is leaving home an irresponsible escape or an action of taking responsibility for themselves?
Documentary Screenings:
Time: Screening 1/2020.05.27 (Wed) 13:30—15:30
Screening 2/2020.05.28 (Thu) 13:30—15:30
Venue: C402 Academic Building
Time: 2020.06.03(Wed)13:30—15:30
Venue: C402 Academic Building
KU Yu-Ling 
Lecturer, Center for General Education, Taipei National University of the Arts
HO Chao-Ti 
A documentary filmmaker and director. Ho Chao-Ti works have addressed a broad range of subject matter, from traditional folk music to disadvantaged groups to contemporary cultural fusion. She formerly worked as a magazine editor, newspaper and television reporter, and community-college lecturer on media and gender issues. In the 1990s, she conducted a field survey of indigenous theater and traditional culture on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, and researched child prostitution in the newly developed special economic zones of East Asia. The works of Ho Chao-ti were invited to Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, Women Make Waves Film Festival in Taiwan.
CHANG Chuan-Fen 
A prolific writer, Chang Chuan-Fen attained her Master in Journalism jointly from Aarhus University (Denmark) and Hamburg University (Germany).She is also a social and human rights activist.
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Organized by: Center for Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts
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