tranSonic 2011

tranSonic 2011
tranSonic is a sound art performance produced by TNUA’s Center for Art and Technology. Since its first run in 2008, TranSonic has become Taiwan’s forerunner and leader in cutting-edge sound art events. TranSonic 2011 invites many local and international sound artists to bring you a sound art performance that combines sound, video, interactive controls, sensors, instruments, and installations and an audible experience that will shock your senses.

October 7th (Fri.) 19:30
Lien-Cheng Wang (Taipei)
Yu-Chung Tseng (Taipei)
Jean-François Laporte (Montréal)

October 8th (Fri.) 19:30
Chung-Kun Wang (Taipei)
Fujui Wang (Taipei)
Jian-Hong Li (Beijing)
Kurt Stallmann (Houston)

For the opening performance of TranSonic 2011, Wang Lien-Cheng combines a sound performance with real-time computing programs to produce images generated from a high dynamic flow; Tseng Yu-Chung merges computer technology with pipa playing, so that sound is transformed into various timbres; Canadian multidisciplinary artist, Jean-François Laporte, utilizes a self-invented sound-gas device, and presents an entirely new audible experience.

For the second performance, Chung-Kun Wang operates a sound device that uses air as the principle for sound, and creates beautiful sensations with pure and unique changes in rhythm; Fujui Wang uses multiple ultra-directional speakers, scattering wave-like, punctiform noise that continuously fluctuates in the air;  renowned Chinese noise and improvised music artist, Jianhong Li, performs illusory sounds from a chi-like electric guitar; contemporary American composer and director of the Rice Electroacoustic Music Labs at Rice University, Kurt Stallmann, will for the first time in Taiwan conduct a live performance of the multimedia delight, Moon Crossings, with an ensemble of fifteen people, video, and a surround sound system.